Webster Bible
Edition 1833 - Webster, Noah


Noah Webster was America's first grammarian and founding father of American education. In 1828 Noah Webster published the 'American Dictionary of the English Language'. This dictionary demonstrates the Christian values which were found in America's educational and scholarly systems. It is from this early dictionary that we have todays popular 'Webster Dictionary'.

In 1833 Noah Webster, who had mastered 20 languages including Hebrew and Greek, published the King James Authorized Version 'with amendments to the language'. In stating his reasons for producing this version of the Bible, Webster said:

'In the present version, the language is, in general, correct and perspicuous; ... in many passages uniting sublimity with beautiful simplicity. In my view, the general style of the version ought not to be altered. But, in the lapse of two or three centuries, changes have taken place, which, in particular passages, impair the beauty; in others, obscure the sense, of the original languages. ... they do not present to the reader the Word of God. ... My principal aim is to remedy this evil.'

It was with cautious reverence that Webster corrected misused grammar, removed offensive terms and expressions, and substituted commonly understood words for words that had fallen into disuse, or no longer carried the same meaning.


Webster, Noah 
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